Elected in 1967, reelected in 1968, 1973, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1988, 1993: Member for Corrèze: March–April 1967 (became Secretary of State in April 1967), reelected in 1968, 1973, but he remained a minister in 1976–1986 (became Prime Minister in 1986), 1988–95 (resigned to become President of the French Republic in 1995). [24], Citing Giscard's unwillingness to give him authority, Chirac resigned as Prime Minister in 1976. Polaitíocht 1995-2002. December 1995: the Bosnia-Herzegovina Peace Agreement Although it has been often interpreted by historians as the struggle between two rival French right-wing families (the Bonapartists, represented by Chirac, and the Orleanists, represented by VGE), both figures in fact were members of the liberal, Orleanist tradition, according to historian Alain-Gérard Slama. On the right, a new generation of politicians, the "renovation men", accused Chirac and Giscard of being responsible for the electoral defeats. In March 1993, after conservatives won an overwhelming majority in the National Assembly, President Mitterrand appointed Balladur prime minister. [57] However, Israeli Army Radio later reported that Chirac had secretly told Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that France would support an Israeli invasion of Syria and the overthrow of the government of President Bashar al-Assad, promising to veto any moves against Israel in the United Nations or European Union. A conservative and a neo-Gallist Chirac was responsible for the privatization of many French corporations. Prior to that he served two terms as French Prime Minister (1974-76, 1986-88) and was Mayor of Paris from 1977 to 1995. "From Chirac to Sarkozy. I do not believe France is responsible," he said in September 1994. [77], Chirac died at his home in Paris on 26 September 2019, surrounded by his family. As the left-wing Socialist Party was in thorough disarray following Jospin's defeat, Chirac reorganised politics on the right, establishing a new party – initially called the Union of the Presidential Majority, then the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP). "Skill in context: A comparison of politicians. Charles Fathy appears as Chirac in the Oliver Stone film W. Marc Rioufol plays him in Richard Loncraine's 2010 film The Special Relationship. Le gouvernement Alain Juppé est le gouvernement de la République française du 17 mai 1995 au 7 novembre 1995. [73] A poll conducted in 2010 suggested he was the most admired political figure in France, while Sarkozy was 32nd. He refused to give instructions to the RPR voters but said that he supported the incumbent president "in a private capacity", which was interpreted as almost de facto support of the Socialist Party's (PS) candidate, François Mitterrand, who was elected by a broad majority. On the domestic front, neo-liberal economic austerity measures introduced by Chirac and his conservative prime minister Alain Juppé, including budgetary cutbacks, proved highly unpopular. Tiberi was finally expelled from the Rally for the Republic, Chirac's party, on 12 October 2000, declaring to the Figaro magazine on 18 November 2000: "Jacques Chirac is not my friend anymore".[41]. Charles Pasqua and Philippe Séguin criticised his abandonment of Gaullist doctrines. ", "Chirac labels 'racist' Le Pen as threat to nation's soul", "Jacques Chirac, Who Led France Envisioning European Unity, Is Dead at 86", "Sarkozy's team is small in size, wide in scope", "Chirac Affirms France's Guilt in Fate of Jews", Allocution de M. Jacques CHIRAC Président de la République prononcée lors des cérémonies commémorant la grande rafle des 16 et 17 juillet 1942 (Paris), "Allocution de M. Jacques CHIRAC Président de la République prononcée lors des cérémonies commémorant la grande rafle des 16 et 17 juillet 1942 (Paris)", La suite du testament de Jean-Claude Méry, CIA – The World Factbook – Rank Order – Military expenditures – percent of GDP, "Nuclear Weapons – France Nuclear Forces", "France's § 2.8 billion aid package unlikely to bring quick fix : Alstom bailout may be long haul", "People's Daily Online – France's Alstom, China ink $1.3b contracts", Chirac: Nuclear Response to Terrorism Is Possible, "France Criticizes Israel Attack on Lebanon", "France Urged Israel to Invade Syria During War", "Jacques Chirac – explorateur du monde multipolaire", "Street named in honour of Jacques Chirac at Louvre Abu Dhabi ceremony", "Stung by Voters on EU, Chirac Replaces His Prime Minister", "Minor stroke puts Chirac in hospital but he hangs on to reins of government", "Rivals in open warfare after Chirac's stroke raises stakes in succession fight battle", "France's New Five-Year Presidential Term", France's Chirac says he will not run for re-election, "Chirac launches foundation 'to awaken consciences, "Fondation Chirac " The Fondation Chirac Prize for Conflict Prevention", "Chirac found guilty on corruption charges", Chirac trouve un point de chute à Paris chez la famille Hariri, "France election 2012: Chirac mocks Sarkozy in memoirs", "'Impetuous, disloyal, and un-French': Chirac attempts coup de grace on Sarkozy", "Jacques Chirac breaks four-year silence on Nicolas Sarkozy to criticise French president", "Jacques Chirac in hospital with 'acute gout, "Former French President Jacques Chirac Hospitalized", "Former French President Jacques Chirac is hospitalized with lung infection", "Jacques Chirac, French President Who Championed European Identity, Is Dead at 86", "INTERVIEW - Chirac juge "sympathique" sa marionnette des Guignols, actualité Médias 2.0 : Le Point", "Bernard Le Coq dans la peau du retraité Chirac", "Jacques Chirac, cinématographique mais pas trop", "The Chirac Doctrine: France's Iraq-war plan", "1981: Israel bombs Baghdad nuclear reactor", "Out of Area or Out of Reach? The first couple were in an Air France Boeing 747 taxiing toward the terminal when the jet had to stop and wait for Flight 4590 to take off. [54] The gunman, Maxime Brunerie, underwent psychiatric testing; the violent far-right group with which he was associated, Unité Radicale, was then administratively dissolved. At the age of 69, Chirac faced his fourth presidential campaign in 2002. On 15 December 2011, Chirac was found guilty for corruption. In return, the new president chose Chirac to lead the cabinet. The French president, by a constitutional convention, only controls foreign and military policy— and even then, allocation of funding is under the control of Parliament and under the significant influence of the prime minister. At the invitation of Saddam Hussein (then vice-president of Iraq, but de facto dictator), Chirac made an official visit to Baghdad in 1975. But instead, it created an uproar, and his power was weakened by the subsequent backlash. In his memoirs, Giscard wrote that between the two rounds, he phoned the RPR headquarters. Jacques René Chirac (/ʒɑːk ʃᵻˈræk/; French pronunciation: [ʒak ʃi.ʁak]; 29 November 1932) is a French politician, who served as the President of France from 1995 to 2007. [14] He then attended the Lycée Carnot and the Lycée Louis-le-Grand. He was eliminated in the first round with 18% of the vote. In an address to the nation, Chirac declared that the new cabinet's top priority was to curb unemployment, which was consistently hovering above 10 percent, calling for a "national mobilisation" to that effect. [79] He was originally portrayed as a rather likable, though overexcited, character; following the corruption allegations, however, he was depicted as a kind of dilettante and incompetent who pilfered public money and lied through his teeth. His grandparents were teachers[10] from Sainte-Féréole in Corrèze. President of the General Council of Corrèze: 1970–1979. Opponents and supporters alike call Chirac "the Bulldozer". [30], On 19 January 2006, Chirac said that France was prepared to launch a nuclear strike against any country that sponsors a terrorist attack against French interests. Par ordre fonctionnel It supports field projects that involve local people and provide concrete and innovative solutions. Elsewhere, the plan for university reform (plan Devaquet) caused a crisis in 1986 when a student called Malik Oussekine was killed by the police, leading to massive demonstrations and the proposal's withdrawal. Chirac told the Socialist candidate that he wanted to "get rid of Giscard". Despite British and American pressure, Chirac threatened to veto, at that given point, a resolution in the UN Security Council that would authorise the use of military force to rid Iraq of alleged weapons of mass destruction, and rallied other governments to his position. [45] He also reduced expenditure on nuclear weapons[46] and the French nuclear arsenal was reduced to include 350 warheads, compared to the Russian nuclear arsenal of 16,000 warheads. Minister of Relation with Parliament: 1971–72. [8], Chirac died at his home in Paris on 26 September 2019 at the age of 86. [47] He also published a plan to reduce the number of fighters the French military had by 30.[48]. Iacobus Chirac, vulgo plene Jacques René Chirac (natus Lutetiae die 29 Novembris 1932; ibidem mortuus die 26 Septembris 2019) fuit praeses Franciae et coprinceps Andorrae a die 18 Maii 1995 usque ad diem 16 Maii 2007. Find the perfect Laurence Chirac stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Hospitalised in Hôpital Cochin after a car crash, he declared that "as always about the drooping of France, the pro-foreign party acts with its peaceable and reassuring voice". In December 1974, he took the lead of the Union of Democrats for the Republic (UDR) against the will of its more senior personalities. Citations, anecdotes et mots d'esprit cruels. [36] Reacting to criticism, Chirac said, "You only have to look back at 1935...There were people then who were against France arming itself, and look what happened." Because of Jacques Chirac's long career in visible government positions, he was often parodied or caricatured: Young Jacques Chirac is the basis of a young, dashing bureaucrat character in the 1976 Asterix comic strip album Obelix and Co., proposing methods to quell Gallic unrest to elderly, old-style Roman politicians. [90], On 7 March 2011, he went on trial on charges of diverting public funds, accused of giving fictional city jobs to twenty-eight activists from his political party while serving as the mayor of Paris (1977–95). Immediately after Sarkozy's victory, Chirac moved into a 180-square-metre (1,900 sq ft) duplex on the Quai Voltaire in Paris lent to him by the family of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. When Nicolas Sarkozy became president in 2007, Juppé was one of the few "chiraquiens" to serve in François Fillon's government.[35]. Toghadh Chirac ina uachtarán in 1995 agus rialtas den eite dheis i gcumhacht. "Chirac and ‘la Francafrique’: No longer a family affair. The news brought a shower of tributes from around the world. Since then it has been striving for peace through five advocacy programmes: conflict prevention, access to water and sanitation, access to quality medicines and healthcare, access to land resources, and preservation of cultural diversity. He was given the Ig Nobel prize for peace, for commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of Hiroshima with atomic bomb tests in the Pacific (1996). The demonstrations were largely pitted against Juppé's plan for pension reform, and ultimately led to his dismissal. While the far-right National Front grew, taking advantage of the proportional representation electoral system which had been introduced for the 1986 legislative elections, he signed an electoral pact with the Giscardian (and more or less Christian Democratic) party Union for French Democracy (UDF). During the 1995 presidential campaign, Chirac criticised the "sole thought" (pensée unique) of neoliberalism represented by his challenger on the right and promised to reduce the "social fracture", placing himself more to the centre and thus forcing Balladur to radicalise himself. After some months in the ministry for Relations with Parliament, Chirac's first high-level post came in 1972 when he became Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development under Pompidou, who had been elected president in 1969, after de Gaulle retired. He argued for more socially responsible economic policies and was elected president in the 1995 presidential election with 52.6% of the vote in the second round, beating Socialist Lionel Jospin, after campaigning on a platform of healing the "social rift" (fracture sociale). The cinema, and culture more generally, were and are promoted by the country's political class as areas of vital national interest, usefully invoked in their relations with voters during and between elections. According to a July 2005 poll,[50] 32 percent judged Chirac favourably and 63 percent unfavorably. [citation needed], On 29 May 2005, a referendum was held in France to decide whether the country should ratify the proposed treaty for a Constitution of the European Union (TCE). These elections were moved forward because of Pompidou's sudden death on 2 April 1974. Jacques Chirac (Jacme Cirac en occitan) es un òme politic de nacionalitat francesa nascut a París lo 29 de novembre de 1932 e mòrt lo 26 de setembre de 2019.Foguèt president de França de 1995 fins a 2007.Exerciguèt dos mandats, un de 1995 a 2002 (que foguèt lo darrièr septennat de la Vna Republica) e l'autre de 2002 a 2007 (que foguèt lo primièr quinquennat de la Vna … As it reached takeoff speed and lifted off the ground, it came within 30 feet of hitting Chirac's 747. ... the criminal folly of the occupiers was seconded by the French, by the French State".[38][39][40]. [83] As part of this deal, France sold Iraq the Osirak MTR nuclear reactor, designed to test nuclear materials. During his two terms, he increased the Elysee Palace's total budget by 105 percent (to €90 million, whereas 20 years before it was the equivalent of €43.7 million). Today the organisation executive board is chaired by Philippe Douste-Blazy. Chirac was also featured in Le Bêbête Show as an overexcited, jumpy character. Furthermore, confronted by anti-colonialist movements in New Caledonia, Prime Minister Chirac ordered a military intervention against the separatists in the Ouvéa cave, leading to several tragic deaths. Jacques René Chirac (29 November 1932 – 26 September 2019) was a French politician who served as President of the French Republic and ex officio Co-Prince of Andorra from 1995 to 2007. Chirac quickly earned a reputation as a champion of French farmers' interests, and first attracted international attention when he assailed U.S., West German, and European Commission agricultural policies which conflicted with French interests. Prime minister: 1974–76 (Resignation) / 1986–88. Before that, he was Prime Minister of France twice, and Mayor of Paris from 1977 to 1995. Following the referendum defeat, Chirac replaced his Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin with Domenique de Villepin. Ultimately, he obtained more votes than Balladur in the first round (20.8 percent), and then defeated the Socialist candidate Lionel Jospin in the second round (52.6 percent). [52] In October 2004, Chirac signed a trade agreement with PRC President Hu Jintao where Alstom was given €1 billion in contracts and promises of future investment in China.[53]. He was elected deputy for his home Corrèze département, a stronghold of the left. This matter has been called the second Clearstream Affair. When Valéry Giscard d'Estaing became president, he nominated Chirac as prime minister on 27 May 1974, to reconcile the "Giscardian" and "non-Giscardian" factions of the parliamentary majority. Chirac was advised by Pierre Juillet and Marie-France Garaud, two former advisers of Pompidou. (In 2000 the constitution had been amended to reduce the length of the presidential term to five years, so his second term was shorter than his first. Municipal councillor of Sainte-Féréole: 1965–77. He appointed Yvan Blot, an intellectual who would later join the National Front, as director of his campaigns for the 1979 European election. On 25 July 2000, as Chirac and the first lady were returning from the G7 Summit in Okinawa, Japan, they were placed in a dangerous situation by Air France Flight 4590 after they landed at Charles de Gaulle International Airport. Prior to 1995, the French government had maintained that the French Republic had been dismantled when Philippe Pétain instituted a new French State during World War II and that the Republic had been re-established when the war was over. Jacques Chirac (1995–2007) 7 November 1995 3 June 1997 Juppé II 93 Lionel Jospin (1937–) 3 June 1997 6 May 2002 4 years, 337 days Socialist Party: Jospin XI : 94 Jean-Pierre Raffarin (1948–) 7 May 2002 17 June 2002 3 years, 24 days Liberal Democracy then Union for a … A small group of "fidels" would remain with Chirac, including Alain Juppé and Jean-Louis Debré. [citation needed], When the RPR/UDF right-wing coalition won a slight majority in the National Assembly in the 1986 election, Mitterrand (PS) appointed Chirac prime minister (though many in Mitterrand's inner circle lobbied him to choose Jacques Chaban-Delmas instead). As the Supreme Commander of the French armed forces, he reduced the military budget, as did his predecessor. Select from premium Lionel Jospin Jacques Chirac of the highest quality. As prime minister, Chirac quickly set about persuading the Gaullists that, despite the social reforms proposed by President Giscard, the basic tenets of Gaullism, such as national and European independence, would be retained. On 27 February 1974, after the resignation of Raymond Marcellin, Chirac was appointed Minister of the Interior. Chirac was beset by a series of corruption scandals dating back to his tenure as the mayor of Paris between 1977 and 1995. He hired 145 extra employees – the total number of the people he employed simultaneously was 963. During his second term, however, he had a very low approval rating and was considered one of the least popular presidents in modern French political history. Because of his alleged improprieties, he was lambasted in a song Chirac en prison ("Chirac in prison") by French punk band Les Wampas, with a video clip made by the Guignols. 8 and second row. [32], For the first time, his leadership over the RPR was challenged. Despite past opposition to state intervention the Chirac government approved a €2.8 billion aid package to troubled manufacturing giant Alstom. [65] He did not, during the broadcast, endorse any of the candidates running for election, but did devote several minutes of his talk to a plea against extremist politics that was considered a thinly disguised invocation to voters not to vote for Jean-Marie Le Pen and a recommendation to Nicolas Sarkozy not to orient his campaign so as to include themes traditionally associated with Le Pen. On 14 July 2002, during Bastille Day celebrations, a man tried to shoot Chirac. In France, a national day of mourning in honour of the former head of state (1995–2007) will be held Monday. He obtained 20 percent of the vote in the first round, but lost the second with only 46 percent. Jacques René Chirac ( París, 29 de novembre de 1932 - París, 26 de setembre de 2019) va ser un polític francès, Primer Ministre de França (1974-1976; 1986-1988), alcalde de París (1977-1995), President de la República Francesa i copríncep d'Andorra (1995-2007). [33], While he still was mayor of Paris (since 1977),[34] Chirac went to Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire) where he supported President Houphouët-Boigny (1960–1993), although the latter was being called a "thief" by the local population. Mayor of Paris: 1977–95 (Resignation, became President of the French Republic in 1995). [30] The French Army thus remained in Côte d'Ivoire as well as in Omar Bongo's Gabon. This surprising victory in the context of a Gaullist ebb permitted him to enter the government as Minister of Social Affairs. [citation needed]. Tar éis thitim an rialtais sin in 1997, b'éigean dó comhréiteach a dhéanamh le Lionel Jospin, príomh-aire agus Sóisialaí.Ba léir do mhuintir na Fraince gur chomhréiteach é nár thaitin le ceachtar de na ceannairí. [94] He did not attend his trial, since medical doctors deemed that his neurological problems damaged his memory. [citation needed], One of his first acts concerning foreign policy was to call back Jacques Foccart (1913–1997), who had been de Gaulle's and his successors' leading counsellor for African matters, called by journalist Stephen Smith the "father of all "networks" on the continent, at the time [in 1986] aged 72. Jacques René Chirac (29 November 1932 – 26 September 2019) was a French politician who served as President of the French Republic and ex officio Co-Prince of Andorra from 1995 to 2007. "[97], In 1956, Chirac married Bernadette Chodron de Courcel, with whom he had two daughters: Laurence (4 March 1958 – 14 April 2016)[98] and Claude (born 6 December 1962). [80], Bernard Le Coq portrays Chirac in La Dernière Campagne and The Conquest by Xavier Durringer.[81][82]. His great-grandparents on both sides were peasants in the rural south-western region of the Corrèze. [citation needed]. This unprecedented power-sharing arrangement, known as cohabitation, gave Chirac the lead in domestic affairs. [31], Chirac ran against Mitterrand for a second time in the 1988 election. The nickname "Le Bulldozer" caught on in French political circles, where it also referred to his abrasive manner. He was the son of Abel François Marie Chirac (1898–1968), a successful executive for an aircraft company,[8] and Marie-Louise Valette (1902–1973), a housewife. [citation needed]. Reelected in 1971. On 1 February 1996, Chirac announced that France had ended "once and for all" its nuclear testing and intended to accede to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. [88] Chirac is said to be the first former French head of state to be formally placed under investigation for a crime. [1] The gunman, Maxime Brunerie, had psychiatric testing. Eventually, in 1995, Chirac was elected after running on a platform promising to heal the "social fracture" in French society. [76] According to his son-in-law Frederic Salat-Baroux, Chirac was again hospitalised in Paris with a lung infection on 18 September 2016. Future Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin acquired much of his popularity for his speech against the war at the United Nations (UN). Chirac announced that he did not want to come back as prime minister as his previous term had ended with his unsuccessful run for the presidency against Mitterand who was still President at this point. [4], In 1956, he married Bernadette Chodron de Courcel. In a speech made on 16 July 1995 at the site of the Vel' d'Hiv Roundup, where 13,000 Jews had been held for deportation to concentration camps in July 1942, Chirac said, "France, on that day, committed the irreparable". When student and worker unrest rocked France in May 1968, Chirac played a central role in negotiating a truce. [71], On 11 April 2008, Chirac's office announced that he had undergone successful surgery to fit a pacemaker. Giscard d'Estaing was elected as Pompidou's successor after France's most competitive election campaign in years. [44] In 1997 the aircraft carrier Clemenceau was decommissioned after 37 years of service, with her sister ship Foch decommissioned in 2000 after 37 years of service, leaving the French Navy with no aircraft carrier until 2001, when Charles de Gaulle was commissioned. Jacques Chirac served two terms as President of France 1995-2007. He was then overpowered by bystanders. After attending the École nationale d'administration, Chirac began his career as a high-level civil servant, entering politics shortly thereafter. He was told by Mitterrand, before his death, that the latter had dined with Chirac before the election. From 1995 to 2007, the President of … He and his entourage were accused of using city funds to … Jacques Chirac, French politician who served as the country’s president (1995–2007) and prime minister (1974–76, 1986–88) and was a dominant figure in 20th-century French politics. Jacques René Chirac, (* 29. november 1932, Paríž, Francúzsko – † 26. september 2019, tamže) bol francúzsky politik a v rokoch 1995 – 2007 prezident Francúzskej republiky.Zvolený bol v roku 1995 a opätovne v roku 2002.Volebné obdobie mu skončilo v roku 2007.Ako prezident zastával aj ex officio post spoluknieža Andorry a Veľmajstra čestnej légie On 21 March 1974, he cancelled the SAFARI project due to privacy concerns after its existence was revealed by Le Monde. May 7, 1995 - Is elected president of France. Nevertheless, the right won the 1993 legislative election. Elected in 1979. [16], Inspired by Charles de Gaulle, Chirac started to pursue a civil service career in the 1950s. [citation needed], After the May 1981 presidential election, the right also lost the subsequent legislative election that year. Reelected in 1973, 1976. Short of dissolving parliament and calling for new elections, the president was left with little power to influence public policy regarding crime, the economy, and public services. The Osirak deal was then used by parts of the American media to criticise the Chirac-led opposition to starting a war in Iraq,[85] despite French involvement in the Gulf War. In 2006, The Economist wrote that Chirac "is the most unpopular occupant of the Elysée Palace in the fifth republic's history."[51]. Following the public ceremony, Chirac was buried at the Montparnasse Cemetery with only his closest family in attendance. Chirac was previously the Prime Minister of France from 1974 to 1976 and from 1986 to 1988, as well as the Mayor of Paris from 1977 to … [87], Chirac's immunity from prosecution ended in May 2007, when he left office as president. His character for a while developed a superhero alter ego, Super Menteur ("Super Liar") to get him out of embarrassing situations. The day was declared a national day of mourning in France and a minute of silence was held nationwide at 15:00. The Israeli Air Force alleged that the reactor's imminent commissioning was a threat to its security, and pre-emptively bombed the Osirak reactor on 7 June 1981, provoking considerable anger from French officials and the United Nations Security Council. General councillor of Corrèze: 1968–88. Chirac ran again in 1988, and lost again, then ran a third time in 1995 and won. Chirac, who was head of state from 1995 to 2007, boasted one of the longest continuous political careers in Europe – twice president, twice prime minister and 18 … Chirac warned that "humanity is dancing on a volcano" and called for serious action by the world's leading industrialised nations. "[29] His rivalry with Giscard d'Estaing intensified. )[64] "My whole life has been committed to serving France, and serving peace", Chirac said, adding that he would find new ways to serve France after leaving office. Nester, William R. "President Chirac." Former President Jacques Chirac, a giant of French politics and the man who said “non” to George W Bush and the war in Iraq in 2003, died yesterday at age 86. His superiors did not want to make him an officer because they suspected he had communist leanings. "Iraq today does not represent an immediate threat that justifies an immediate war", Chirac said on 18 March 2003. The Prime Minister of France is the person who controls the government of France.He is appointed by the President of France.The current Prime Minister of France is Jean Castex.He was given the job by President Emmanuel Macron on July 3, 2020. Secretary of State for Economy and Finance: 1968–71. [96] Chirac said that "The Republic is not a dictatorship of rumours, a dictatorship of calumny.